It brings design and quality together in the same line.


Gökler Group, which grows step by step from Sivas to Turkey, from Turkey to the whole world with 20 years of experience, operates within the Group.

Gökler Group; In Sivas Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, with the latest technology production equipments
60.000 m2 closed area in total, 3 different production facilities (wood, steel and polyurethane)
. The office; With the production of hospitals, educational and office furniture,
Concept interior architecture solutions and trend design approaches with excellence and creativity.

72 Countries

With the exporter you have done in 72 countries, your quality and line-up brings together numerous furniture in the world.

60.000 m2 Closed Area High Quality

It manufactures for the future in 3 production plants with wood, metal and medical equipment and polyurethane production volume.

A Great Family with 715 Employees

Every day he combines elegance, love and labor in the same line.

Sensitivity to the environment

To use the most harmonious materials and technology in the direction of sustainability and production targets.

Using the resources in such a way as to be least lost, to prevent loss of national wealth and unconscious consumption of resources,
To ensure that work is done safely and equitably in terms of health
We continue to accept it as a company principle.